London to host San Andreas world premiere

Get ready for London to host the world premiere of The Rock’s big new disaster flick, San Andreas.

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4 films to check out this weekend

Fast & Furious 7 Review


There has been a considerable hype around this film. This was because of the unfortunate death of Paul Walker who died in a car crash in where he was halfway of the film’s completion and as a result there were doubts whether this film will be completed. But here I am writing a review on this so it did go ahead. When Justin Wan who directed horror films like Saw, Dead Sentence and The Conjuring was directing Fast & Furious 7, you may think to ponder how is Wan is going to use his experience in an action movie in where he’s been involved in horror movies? You may that the film was going to be disastrous of what’s been going on but he managed to pull it off and made a film that’s ludicrous and at times unfulfilling but a thrilling ride.

At the start of the film you…

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Feng Shui for Book Lovers: How to Pare Down a Library


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